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  • Upcoming Events

  • 6.3.19
    Presenting Donation For Williams Family - Winnsboro
    Caldwell Library Reading
  • 6.4.19
    Franklin Parish Counicl on Aging Bankers Bingo
    Richland Parish Library Reading
  • 6.5.19
    Caldwell Parish Council on Aging Bankers Bingo
    Haven Bingo
    Happy Birthday Sydney Ashley!
    Mangham Library Reading
  • 6.6.19
    Delhi Library Reading
    Columbia Lions Club Rodeo
    Winnsboro - Franklin Chamber of Commerce Meeting
  • 6.7.19 Happy Birthday Melissa Woodard!
  • 6.10.19
    Delhi Library Summer Kickoff
    Caldwell Library Reading
  • 6.11.19 Richland Parish Library Reading
  • 6.12.19 Mangham Library Reading
  • 6.13.19 Delhi Library Reading
  • 6.14.19 Lifeshare Blood Drive Winnsboro Branch - 10-2
  • 6.17.19 Caldwell Parish Library Reading
  • 6.18.19
    Richland Parish Library Reading
    Delhi Bankers Bingo
  • 6.19.19 Mangham Library Reading
  • 6.20.19
    Delhi Library Reading
    Caldwell Parish Chamber of Commerce Meeting
  • 6.24.19
    Caldwell Parish Library Reading
    Richland Parish Council on Aging Bankers Bingo
  • 6.25.19 Richland Parish Library
  • 6.26.19
    Mangham Library Reading
  • 6.27.19
    Delhi Library Reading
  • 6.28.19
    Day At The Lake At Poverty Point
  • 6.29.19
    Independence Day Fireworks - Columbia

Fraud Service Center

AFTER HOURS, please call:
Falcon 800-369-4887 if you have suspicious transactions that you would like to report.

Important Announcement
Beginning with June’s end of month statements, our customers will have a different method for receiving their eStatements-they will receive them through Internet banking and will no longer have to access through their personal email. A customer must be enrolled in Internet banking in order to receive their statement.

Fraud Alert
ATTENTION: Please take note that if you receive a text that says, “Your card ending in XXXX has been locked, please call (800)871-1655,” it is fraudulent. DO NOT call this number and give any information. They will ask you for your last four digits of your debit card number and your pin. NEVER give out your pin.

Remember, Citizens Progressive Bank will not call you for your personal information or account information. If you receive a phone call of this sort, please notify the bank immediately.

Lost your debit card?

During normal business hours call:

After business hours call: