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Overdraft Privilege

As one of our valued checking customers, we would like to thank you for your confidence in us. We are always looking for ways to add value to your Citizens Progressive Bank Checking Account, that’s why, as a courtesy to you, we are introducing Citizens Progressive Bank Overdraft Privilege.

Overdraft Privilege is another value-added benefit of your Citizens Progressive Bank Checking Account, and its there to provide a cushion to cover the unexpected. Perhaps, you need to write an emergency check and you are a little short of funds. Or, you have inadvertently written a check without a sufficient balance in your account to cover it.

As part of our Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy (copy enclosed), we are trying to limit the circumstances in which such checks are returned unpaid. If you maintain your account in good standing, rather than automatically returning unpaid non -sufficient fund items you may have, we will consider payment of your reasonable overdrafts. In addition to potentially avoiding embarrassment, Overdraft Privilege may save you money as well, by eliminating the fee normally charged bymerchants for checks returned to them.

There are no monthly fee for Overdraft Privilege. If your account is in good standing, you automatically qualify for the Overdraft Privilege program, which may provide you with up to $500.00 in overdraft protection. If we choose to pay an overdraft item on your behalf, your account will be charged the same fee that Citizens Progressive Bank charges for checks drawn against insufficient funds, currently $26.00, and the overdrawing check will be paid rather than returned unpaid. In addition, on 2nd day of being consecutively overdrawn, your account will be charged $2.50 per day.

Whether an overdraft item will be paid is, in each instance, at the discretion of Citizens Progressive Bank. Eligibility for the Overdraft Privilege program does not ensure that overdraft items will be paid. Citizens Progressive Bank is never obligated to pay your overdraft, even if your account is in good standing and even if we have paid your overdrafts in the past. We are not obligated to notify you whether an overdraft item will be paid or returned unpaid. Other restrictions apply. Please review the en-closed Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy for more details.